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Yma o Hyd will be Barrow Boy Productions most ambitious independent production to date. With an extensively talented cast and crew, and a drama and mythology rich script, Yma o Hyd has all the components to be a magically successful production. Taking the lead on the production, Barrow Boy  Productions has a great catalogue of previous works to draw experience from.

Manon is a lonely child. Nicknamed ‘mental’ by other children and labelled ‘a waste of space’ by an abusive stepfather, she escapes her abusive reality through her inner fantasy where her only friend is the ‘imaginary’ Mari Lwyd, a skeletal human/horse hybrid from Welsh myth. Like all Welsh fairies, the Mari Lwyd can be a friend or a terror if not properly placated. Manon sees, sings and speaks to the Mari Lwyd during particularly stressful moments, further convincing her antagonists she is unstable.

Josie's professional journey in the film industry epitomizes a rich tapestry of experiences that underscore her deep-seated commitment to crafting engaging visual narratives. Her extensive assistant director portfolio boasts a diverse range of contributions to independent projects, encompassing short and feature films, live events, music videos, and theatrical productions. In addition to her prolific work in the realm of UK television and short films, Josie's expertise has transcended international boundaries, as she has lent her talents to productions across Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, contributing to their creative visions.

Josie is now focused on developing her directing career, with an emphasis on independent short films, including our teaser scene for "Yma o Hyd." Her dynamic and multifaceted career profoundly informs her passion for storytelling and underscores her unwavering dedication to nurturing creativity in her collaborators. Josie brings a wealth of experience and a boundless creative spirit to our team, making her an invaluable asset in our pursuit of exceptional cinematic endeavours.

Dir. Josie Connor

DOP - Adam Dawson

Based in North Wales, with a diverse skill set and a passion for filmmaking, Adam has gained Experience in various departments throughout his career. From camera operating and rigging, to DOP roles and art and light departments, he has honed his expertise in creating captivating visuals. Born and Raised in the picturesque landscape of north Wales, and being a proud Welsh speaker, he deeply appreciates the local culture and heritage.

Our Producer/Writer Paul Penlington has a varied career, excelling in various fields including acting, appearing in multiple National Geographic Drama/Docs, BBC Children’s programmes, Lime Street Productions, Project managing and production management in both a commercial and creative environment.

Paul also has a wide network of supportive contacts in many sectors and has established himself as a well-respected and versatile professional across Wales.

His organizational and leadership skills have allowed him to successfully oversee and deliver complex projects across North Wales. For several years now he has worked freelance with independent film companies as a producer/production manager and writer of short films and commercial work. Primarily in North Wales with Barrow Boy Productions. 2018-present.

Paul is also a well-respected academic researching, and specialising in, Education for young people with ADHD and also has a personal interest in Welsh mythology.

He is drawing all his professional skills together with this project, his extensive network of contacts spans creative, academic, and political circles, a testament to his ability to bridge gaps and foster collaborative efforts that enrich the cultural landscape that will bring this project to successful, and profitable, fruition. .

Writer/ Producer - Paul Penlington

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