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Working alongside a small crew of talented actors and filmmakers, Barrow Boy Productions worked extensively in all areas of the production process to ensure the film reached its full potential.

With nominations across New York and Los Angeles including 'best drama', We are extremely proud of this production, and our  continued relationship with all involved.

When British Soldier Paul Smith returns home from the war in Afghanistan, a shadow of the man he use to be.  Paul, suffering from PTSD, life turns to self destruction with a violent act .

David is an award-winning director working on projects spanning Theatre, Film and Television. Over the years he has won and been nominated for a host of accolades.

A great deal of David’s television work is on Channel 4’s flagship show ‘Hollyoaks’, where he works both as a Director and ‘On-set Acting Coach’. He has been responsible for directing some of Hollyoaks’ biggest storylines & stunts. As ‘On-set Acting Coach’ he works closely with the regular actors, developing scenes and shaping performances, which has led to nomination and award success at the likes of The Broadcast Awards, The British Soap Awards, The BAFTAs and the National Television Awards (NTAs).


- David Crowley

Writer/ Producer

- Kru Lundy

Kru is a British Actor, Writer and Stunt Coordinator who has attended classes at The Lee Strasberg Institute & The New York Film Academy based in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. He is currently mentored by world renowned successful Writer and Laurence Olivier Theartre Award winner Jim Cartwright and mentored for 8 years by TV & film Director/Writer David Crowley who is currently a Director on one of the UK's most successful TV Drama Holllyoaks. With the extensive knowledge of Martial Arts, Kru put his skills into stage combat coordinating and produced a martial arts team that became the headliners at UK Martial Arts shows and gained stunt credits on IMDB from working on TV series and Netflix feature films. Kru is an International Hall of Fame inductee, awarded for his successful contributions and life input towards martial arts in the UK helping children with anti-bullying and adults with mental health issues.

With an already extensive series of shorts behind the crew, our team was extremely enthusiastic about stepping onto set alongside such a talented collective of people.

From Television actors, to the extremely well respected director, and a dark, dramatic script adapted from real life experiences, 'Wrath' proved to be one of the most memorable short productions to date.

Barrow Boy Productions provided a full inventory of production equipment, Key Head of Department crew including camera, sound and post production, as well as many smaller roles throughout the production process.

Shooting over a 4 day period, and edited over 3 weeks, this project gave us a great opportunity to test  ourselves within the tight deadlines given, to not only deliver a great project, but still take creative risks and approaches in order to help the story shine.

Barrow Boy


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