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Teaming up with REDMED Films, Barrow Boy Productions were very excited to be working on this ambitious project. Providing our DOP and a supply of production equipment, as well as handling the post production process, we had a big role in helping bring this project to life.  

'Working on a TV pilot brought with it its own set of unique challenges, but thanks to a great production team and a plethora of knowledge and experience from everyone involved, we were able to help create a great product.' 

Ballsed up is a love letter to British comedy, inspired by shows old and new. The idea sparked during a photo shoot, and from then on, Spuds’ world has grown and taken life.

After years of being stuck in the same old place with the same people and no obvious route out, Spuds meets a mysterious woman in a nightclub. He’s caught completely off guard. Not only by her, but by the revelation that something might not be right... Down There.

After training in musical theatre at renowned school Lain Theatre Arts, Paul began working in theatre around thew world. He landed in LA and continued his training in film and TV under the watchful eye of LA’s Finest.

This will be Pauls TV Directorial debut, however his extensive experience as a theatre director and photographer make his eye for stunning visuals and conveying emotion unmatched.

Directed by - Paul Meadley 

Written By - Ray Calleja & Teri Murkin 

"It was created on a concept idea from a photo shoot. In less then a year, we were able to write it, structure the series, then secure some funding for a proof of concept pilot. It was a truly inspiring and interesting process - to work with people who wanted to be a part because they loved being there, and us, in return, were truly grateful. It has driven us to push with it. Especially now, as the story we have told, and all of the themes we explore, has hit us and impacted us very recently. This is for you, Eddie Murkin."

Based in North Wales, with a diverse skill set and a passion for filmmaking, Adam has gained Experience in various departments throughout his career. From camera operating and rigging, to DOP roles and art and light departments, he has honed his expertise in creating captivating visuals. Born and Raised in the picturesque landscape of north Wales, and being a proud Welsh speaker, he deeply appreciates the local culture and heritage.

DOP - Adam Dawson

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