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Corporate productions

While we love making great broadcast-quality film content for our audiences, we also create high quality corporate content to help give your business the edge!

We offer a wide range of commercial video content, from 'how-to' videos that help guide your viewers through new ideas and features, to in depth internal training packages to help boost your teams growth. All of our commercial video content is build by our experienced creative team to help translate your message as clearly and engagingly as possible. 

Video content isn't only a great way to engage with new customers, clients and audiences, it is also a great tool to engage with your team through training, marketing and presentation videos!

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% when reading it in text.

Ready to get started?

“This was a new venture for us – they listened very closely our needs and then gave lots of useful advice.  [...] We are continuing to use BarrowBoyProductions to grow our suite of video training materials.  Working with them has proved to be easy and has brought real benefits to us as an organisation.”

     -Andrew Shipsides  | Chief Executive | Valuation Tribunal Wales

We take care of every step of the production process. We are committed to providing the best service and professionals, and delivering the highest quality projects that we can.

  • Concept development

  • Production planning

  • Production management

  • Experienced crew

  • Broadcast standard equipment

  • Sound recording/mixing

  • Project editing

  • VFX

  • Sound design


The Valuation Tribunal for Wales was looking for a refreshing approach to how they deliver training material and external information. 

We worked closely with them to understand their needs, as well as brand identity and target audience(s).

It was clear to us that video production was the best way to achieve what they were looking for. Short, concise informational videos, that would help relay information quickly and consistently, whilst reducing the administrative workload for enquires. 

We worked closely with the Tribunal Officers to create effective and succinct scripts, providing guidance where needed to keep the videos as engaging as possible. The videos were created bilingually, in accordance with government guidelines. 

Each video was coupled with short animations, handled by our in house post production team, to provide a light hearted and engaging touch to the information heavy subject matter. 


Barrow Boy Productions worked closely with ISAAC during both the filming and editing process on the series. During filming, we provided broadcast equipment and camera assistant crew. Our team played a much more substantial role in the post production stage, working with ISAAC's team to cut the videos together, and bring their animation concepts to life.

Working from concepts and ideas, we built each animated section, to create a fresh, bold style for the video series.

The first series sets out to help parents get their children's talking off to a great start. This seven part animated series gives you all the

toolsand knowledge you will need to help develop your child’s

Speech, Language and Communication skills.

Over the last 12 months Isaac has worked closely with Locala Health & Wellbeing to create a series of educational films on a number of different subject matters.


Teaming up with ISAAC again, Barrow Boy  Productions worked on the latest series of digital training material for an ongoing client of theirs. 

Delivered at full broadcast quality, the series looks and sounds exactly as it should. Shot in ISAAC's beautiful TREEHOUSE STUDIO, we were able to set the focus of the videos directly on the information that was being presented. 

The series of 'Safeguarding Shorts' was approached cautiously from a style perspective, given the sensitive nature of some of the content, but we were still able to deliver an engaging unit of videos, that fit the brand and market audience perfectly.

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