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Cocktail with Lime

Commercial video production

Broadcast quality, bespoke commercials really help set your business apart! In a generation dominated by social media, creative video content is at the forefront of advertising and client connection!

We take a bold, contemporary approach to our commercial production. 

With a mix of beautiful cinematography, inspiring sound design and a creative dynamic approach, whether its a dramatic product reveal, or a minimalist approach to your brand, we can help bring your vision to life!

We have helped a plethora of clients achieve their brand targets, and audience goals through fresh, engaging video content. We take the time to get to know, and understand your brand values and targets, in order to deliver the most effective production for your  unique needs. 

Ready to get started? 

"We have worked with Barrow Boy on a number of co-productions over the last few years. We couldn’t be happier with the work and commitment the Barrow Boy team bring to every project."

     -Jonny Dixon/ ISAAC WHO

We take care of every step of the production process. We are committed to providing the best service and professionals, and delivering the highest quality projects that we can.

  • Concept development

  • Production planning

  • Production management

  • Experienced crew

  • Broadcast standard equipment

  • Sound recording/mixing

  • Project editing

  • VFX

  • Sound design

Cocktail with Lime

Act Up North remain one of our oldest, and longest working clients. We work extensively with them to not only produce bespoke marketing material, but also to deliver engaging student testimonials, attention grabbing social media short form content, and three times a year we provide professional equipment and a small crew alongside The University of Salford, to create an  immersive professional on set experience for their students.


We have taken the time to get to know Act Up North not only as a brand, but a creative collective of awesome talent, to really help their unique approach to their market shine through.  

ActUpNorth is the leading provider of part-time actor training across the North of England, offering professional adult acting classes in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and online.

Cocktail with Lime
Cocktail with Lime

We worked with Candle  Lounge London to create a series of short form product content to run seasonal marketing campaigns. With a project brief focusing on elegance and simplicity, we were able to  mix the product with seasonal decorations to achieve a minimalist, yet engaging look. Similarly to any product work we complete, we had a great team on standby, that took care of the cinematography, sound design, and voice over work  to tie this project off quickly and effectively. 

From the first project we delivered with Credu, we could see what a truly inspirational group of people we were working with. 

Translating their powerful stories into a short video series continues to be a highlight of the work we do. 

We work closely with Credu to give a voice to individuals with incredible stories. Video has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool in Credu's mission to give a voice to the unheard, and we continue to work closely and continue to build our relationship together to deliver incredibly powerful content.

Cocktail with Lime
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